Award winning biopharmaceutical company targeting diabetes

Advancing Oral Therapies for Diabetes

Diabetology Limited is an award winning clinical stage biopharmaceutical company employing a proprietary oral delivery system to administer known drugs as well as novel compounds to transform the treatment outcomes for patients with diabetes. 

Experienced Team

That have built biotechnology businesses, innovated multiple drug delivery platform technologies and taken therapeutics from discovery right through to market

Capsulin Oral Insulin

Easy-to-swallow capsule formulation that delivers insulin into the body in a way that has the opportunity of mirroring nature and providing safety and efficacy benefits 

Turning Injections into Pills

Unique technology that can orally deliver peptides and other macromolecules in a safe, reproducible, stable and efficient manner


Our oral delivery technology can be applied to a broad range of APIs and we can enter into strategic partnerships and collaborative product development arrangements 

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